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Where can i buy a fake passport? - Igbo Immigration Queries

Igbo Immigration Queries. A Nigerian living in London, UK was contacted via email by someone who claimed to be Igbo Immigration officer. He said that he knew someone who wanted to come back to Nigeria so that he can do business and so my friend responded to the man.

He said that since he was in need of a passport to travel home, my friend should bring a couple of pictures of himself to show proof of his identity.

When my friend responded, the person told him to come down to London with the photos and he will get an interview and obtain his passport.

That was how my friend went to the Nigerian Embassy in London to obtain a passport and was informed that one thing that will suffice to allow him obtain a passport is a bank cheque in the name of his boss.

He was also told that his boss' account must not have any withdrawal limit. They said that after producing all the necessary documents, his boss would furnish the Embassy Norway driver's license with the remaining sum of money and then he will be issued with a passport.

He presented the said cheque to the officials and they endorsed it and issued him a passport in the name of one Chief Peter Akinlade. He presented all the necessary documents to the bank to facilitate the withdrawal but the bank informed him that the account is not from Nigeria, that it was opened in the name of a company in the US and the name of the person that opened the account does not exist in the list of company shareholders, all these were verified and the man was asked to return to Nigeria and to present the information at the Nigerian Embassy.

My friend returned to Nigeria and presented all the documents he had. A week later, he was informed that the Embassy will only issue a passport if he can produce the list of company directors for the US company and also show that his boss' boss also signed the bank cheque.

My friend went to the US and travelled home. He was asked to pay USD 200 as the cost of a passport. He paid it and was granted his passport.

My friend came back to the Embassy with all the necessary documents. The officials asked him for his boss' boss and the documents and that is when he realized that he was cheated. He told the officials that he does not have that person's name and they asked him to bring the certificate of interviews from his boss in Nigeria and then they would see if the person can be issued a passport.

It was discovered that the persons they claimed to be Igbo Immigration officers did not exist. The man was asked to bring the picture of the people, they did not have one.

They then asked him to produce the monies he paid in the first place. He went back to the US and on his return to Nigeria, the Embassy told him that there was no way he would get a passport since the information was not from Nigeria.

He went back and back to the Embassy and even to the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), the organization said that the bank must have opened the account and no name was present, all these are verified and the people are Nigerians.

In closing, where can i buy a fake passport?

This is fraud. When people cannot get passports, they will not travel. The photograph is not original and they are not people of Igbo origin.